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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  February 16, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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now on fox45 early edition.. personal choice.. or illlgal da? danger?6:45)i can't believe that people are actually ruining thier childs health the push to ban smoking in cars.. and who a proposed law is aimed at protecting. protecting.when cat calls.. become more than innocent flirting..take matters into your own you can fight back. back.a grammy many áádaysáá lady gaga spent in this bizarre egg.. and what she says she did while she was in there. 3 wednesday february 16th
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3 3 as maryland's general assembly keeps looking for ways to reduce the state's massive budget deficit..some lawmakers are proposing to make up part of the difference.. with an increase in the alcohol tax. the "maryland
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health care for all coalition" .. is holding a rally to try and get lawmakers to raise the alcohol tax by a dime a drink. a study by johns hopkins researchers found that the tax would generate more than 215- mmllion dollars for the state. ...áandá the average consumer would pay less than eleven dollars more a year for their consumption of beer, wine and liquor.but retailers believe a tax increase would hurt sales... especially in the city, where they were already hit with a bottle tax last year. another vice... might cost you more too.smoking in your car, while kids under 8 are on board... could soon be illegal. some state lawmakers want to ban it.megan gilliland is live along the jones falls expressway with more on the bill that's getting mixed react. reaction.some say, driving and smoking is dangerous... a distraction and unhealthy for kids around you.other say, hey it's personal choice. choice.either way, it could soon cost you if you're caught.
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senator jennie forehand of montgomery county introduced a bill.... that would fine drivers fifty dollars it they're found smoking in a car with children eight years old and under.she says, it's just not healthy... adding that secondhand smoke is known to cause asthma and other respiratory problems. (9:58)its pretty irresponsible for parents to be smoking in the car knowing these days what secondhand smoke can cause cancer(7:50)its your choice i don't agree with your choice but i would not support that law. this bill has been on the table before and failed.megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. lawmakers are also trying to toughen up cell phone laws. now.. they're trying to make it illegal to both send.. and read texts and emails while driving.right now.. writing texts is illegal and only a secondary offense.proposed legislation would make it a primary offense .. meaning police could pull you over if they see you using a cell
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phone at all. 3(brochin) "it's distracting period, so you shouldn't be able to write a text while you're driving and you shouldn't be able to stick your head down and read a text while you're driving." driving."the bill would also ban you from teting behind the wheel if you're at a traffic light or stop sign. lawmakers also want to help make you more aware about your choices when it comes to your electric legislation could require the maryland public service commission to do more to esucate consumers about electricity suppliers. the bill'ss ponsor says many people just don't know that they can shop around. earlier this week... the house passed its own extension of provisions of the terrorist surveillance program set to expire at the end of the month. and as ainsley earhardt explains... last night... it was the senate's turn. turn. -------------------------------- -------------------------------- -------------------------------- -------------------------------- -------------------------------- ---------------the senate late passes a three-month extension of provisions of the u-s-a patriot act. the provisions include the use of roving wiretaps - and are set to expire february 28th.the vote
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- 86 to 12 - will extend for 90 days three provisions to avoid a lapse of elements of the terrorist surveillance program. dianne feinstein says: "it's what keeps homeland safe and it's what allows us to get ahead of a terrorist attack. without them, without them - we put our nation at jeopardy. and i for one took oath of office to protect and defend."president obama has pressed lawmakers for an extension through december 20-13.durbin says: "i believe america can be both safe and free we can retain expanded powers of patriot act but put reasonable limits on them within our constitution." republican leaders have sought a permanent extension, which now appears politically difficult.but on tuesday, two republicans - including tea- party backed rand paul voted against the bill:paul says: "i will vote against extension of patriot because i don't think it's doing justice to 4th amendment, and i think it's
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very important we have judicial review before we allow the gov't to investigate and search ourrprivate lives." (earhardt on cam tag)the chambers now face the pressuue of reaching a compromise before congress goes into recess next week. in new york - ainsley earhardt, fox news. united airlines has grounded nearly 100 of its 757 airliners for "unscheduled maintenancee"that means seeeral flights will be canceled today.the maintenance checks started tuesday.. but there's no word on why they were unexpectedly grounded. consumer groups take to capitol hill to fight for the "air passenger bill of rights..." which has yet to take flight ... ...the bill would ...-- give passengers the option to deplane after three hours on the tarmac. tarmac.-- require access to food, water and adequate restroom facilities during dela, delays,-- and apply those rules to international flights departing from and arriving to the u-s. u-s.department of transportation regulations put in effect in last april impose stiff fines on domestic carriers for delays that
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stretch paat three hours.the bill's chief backer in congress wants to see those rules, become federal law. that's why it's important to codify what they did, plus expand it to to make sure all of the protections are there that we're fighting for. for.but the air transport association, an industry trade group, says aiilines experienced the lowest number of long delays ever, last year, a result they say, shows a federal law is not needed. new questions about the anthrax attacks that killed five people shortly after nine-. eleven...the f-b-i said it linked the anthrax to a flask in the army lab where army scientist bruce ivins worked. agents believed he mailed spores up and down the east coast... but the national research council led a months-long investigation --- and found all the anthrax didn't match. the f-b-i admits much of its evidence was circumstantial. and the panel steers clear of exonerating ivins.
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3 an international movement to stop street harrassment... usually of women, has now reached baltimore. joel d. smith is live in hampden to explain how victims are trying to turn the tables on those making unwanted and often rude advances. good morning joel d. what can women do? good morning patrice, (ad lib)
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3 for a link to the hollaback
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website.. just go to ours.. foxbaltimore dot com slash morning. we want to hear how you're fighting back against crime .. and improving your neighborhood. call us at 410-662-1456. another new tool is helping people fight back agaanst crime in their neighborhoods ... it's called spotcrime. when you go to the spotcrime website .... you can enter an address and it will list all of the current crime events that have happened in your area. area. if you want to track criminal activity in your neighborhood .... you can go to fox baltimore dot com and click on spot crime in hot topics at the top of the screen. you can also sign up to receive crime alert emails. a driver going the wrong way on a texas highway... rams his vehicle into a police cruiser. and the whole thing is caught on tape. tape.crash nats nats here you see the police beginning to chase the car... before the car suddenly crashes into it.authorities
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say theedriver was intoxicated. luckily... no one was hurt. an oregon hospital releases surveillance video... from the night of a man's death.the 61 year-old... was on his way to the hospital... when he crashed his car inside the hospital's parking garage.a paramedic was sent out to help... after police found the man unconscious in his car.but now... questions are emerging about how quickly staff was able to respond. reese says: "i've had an opportunity to view the video and talk with hospital staff and based on this, it seems the hospital was preparing a response to aid mr. marin-fuentes. we are continuing to work on our communication with the staff on all levels and solidifying our partnership as we move forw" &pforward." a hospital spokesperson adds that the staff acted appropriately... but that they could have communicated better with the police. a pennsylvania teacher is suspended... for using her
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blog... to vent about students. only problem is... anyone could see what she was writing... including her studen. the site... natalie munroe wrote about how she wishes she could put her áowná comments on student report cards... like your child is "frightfully dim"... or "i'm concerned your kid is going to come in one day and open fire on the school."but last week... the english teacher was suspended... after a student discovered the blog... and posted it on someone's facebook page.munroe says she's upset... but stands by what she wrote. sot-munroe: "my intent wwth the blog was to keep in touch with the friends and to, you know, go home at the end of the day and rant like on a diaay and be done with it." it."munroe says she never mentioned a specific student or the district she worked for... and her posts were originally only meant to reach for now... she is suspended with pay. it's one of the most closely guarded secrets in the world. now.. the secret recipe for coca-cola.. is out.but it turns out.. it was published years ago.a librarian found
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phe list of ingredients and quantites for coca cola in a photo in a 1978 atlanta newspaper.a coke spokesperson says they cannot confirm whether or not it's the real thing.. but says it doesn't matter... he doubts people will make coke at home. coming up on the early edition... big buzz over a new law. law.20:54 "oh this is ood. lots of bees." bees." how its expected to provide a big boost the bee population.
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still to come... a reporter.. sexually assaulted on the job.where she was moments before the attack.. and who came to her re. rescue.20:54 "oh this is good. lots of bees." bees." ...and the buzz... about new rules for bees... in howard county. ((bump out)) ((break 2)) they say you attract more bees
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with honey.but in howard county, officials are hoping to do it with a new zoning law. as melinda roeder tells uu.. not everyon'es happy about it.. but environmentalists definitely ar. are. 06:09 - nats buzzing10:17 "it's a nice hobby. it allows people to have a touch of agriculture. you get honey." beekeepers are buzzing about a recent victory.30:43 "if the zoning law hadn't changed, i would be in violation."these insects... known for their painful sting...are a vital piece of nature.18:32 "this is how gentle they are."but lately, the population has suffered from disease and disorder.33:26 "i think the more beekeepers we get, the better, because the industry
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is hurting.. the hobby." industry is hurting.. the hobby."and in thh last two years... bees have landed in the middle of a stinging debate... over began when a resident complained his neighbor was in violation of an agricultral ordinance that required his hives be at least 200 feet away from other properties.the same standard used chicken coops or cattle barns.a surprise to beekeepers...who weren't used to complaints.32:28 "actually, no. my neighbors are happy that i have bees." the man who filed the compaint... refused to be interviewed on camera.,... but claims the bees are bothersome... because they fly around in search of water. though he's never been neighbors for water is to - relatively common/.... anonymous complaint." they lobbied county council to that since bees fly... oting - parameters are pointless.06:38 "they go five miles all around
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and bring their food back."so, the new requirement was set at 25 feet. ten with a prrper barrier.43:01 "believe it or not, a major peice of environmental legislation for howard county."counil members say they took the homeowners concerns into account... but weren't bugged by them.41:51 "we certainly did not think they were major issues."in fact, some hope the new rules... will even attract more bees.20:54 "oh this is good. lots of bees."melinda roeder, fox 45 news at ten. straight ahead... stop street you can fight back. thousand new jobs.ding 60- - ((break 3))
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on a spring hiring spree.the home improvements chain adding 60,000 seasonal workers. its staffing up to handle its busiest season of the year. people shopping more inn january... retail sales rising
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by thhee tenths of one percent. below expectations...but still the seventh straight monthly increase.gfx (fs):but prices spiking by more than five percent in the past year. food prices soaring by nearly 15-percent.gfx (big board fs): to wall street... the dow dipping 41 points. still up 650 points this year.the new york stock exchange and a german exchangg called the deutche borse agreeing to a merger. that would create the world's biggest stock exchange. airfares on the rise yet again. delta and american raising fares on some flights by up to 120-bucks round trip... it'll mainly hit business class tickets.but when you travel... you might be aale to save money on coffee.starbucks to supply coffee for hotel room brewing machines at 500,000 hotels. that's a look at business... i'm sandra smith. coming up... lady gaga inside a bizarre egg.. for days.why she did it.. and how she passed the tim. time.
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for illegal immigrants. why the debate is heating up in annapolis. tonight on fox 45


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